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bad-txns-nonstandard-inputs error after sendrawtransaction

I smashed my head over the desk seeking to ship uncooked transaction and each time get the similar error bad-txns-nonstandard-inputs.

So, here’s what I do:

  1. Get unspent transactions

    bitcoin-cli listunspent [ ] 
  2. Create uncooked transaction with tx_id and vout taken above

    bitcoin-cli createrawtransaction '[]' '' 

tx_id_as_hexstring =

  1. Signal uncooked transaction

    bitcoin-cli signrawtransaction tx_id_as_hexstring 
  2. Ship uncooked transaction

    bitcoin-cli sendrawtransaction tx_id_as_hexstring error code: -26 error message: 64: bad-txns-nonstandard-inputs 

I attempted to create identical transaction with coinb.in, however outcome is identical.

What am I doing mistaken?


bitcoin-cli decoderawtransaction tx_id_as_hexstring



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