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Belgium Contributes To Global Meals Programme Blockchain Mission

Belgium Contributes To World Food Programme Blockchain Project

Percentage This Tags The Belgian govt is contributing to the Global Meals Programme’s Blockchain undertaking for distributing donations. #NEWS Learn extra –> click here all content material is copyright CoinTelegraph. Want Bitcoin advertising and PR? Bitcoin PR Buzz has been proudly serving the PR and advertising wishes of Bitcoin and …

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What’s the lockPoints in cTXMemPoolEntry for?

1513800562 how does solving hashes and building blockchain help the human race 310x165 - What's the lockPoints in cTXMemPoolEntry for?

If a TX with locktime surroundings, earlier than the locktime reached the TX is probably not authorized by way of node to position into mempool. However for mempool there’s a information member lockPoints turns out comparable with locktime. What’s the lockPoints running for?

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Day-to-day Marketplace Record for April 20 2018

Daily Market Report for December 19 2017

April 20 2018 KRAKEN DIGITAL ASSET EXCHANGE $328M traded throughout all markets nowadays Crypto, EUR, USD, JPY, CAD, GBP  BTC $eight,510 ↑three.00% $117M ETH $590.7 ↑five.88% $92.7M XRP $zero.8975 ↑20.five% $52.8M BCH $1,112.04 ↑15.7% $21M EOS $11.09 ↑19.eight% $nine.8M LTC $152.12 ↑four.47% $nine.44M XLM $zero.3760 ↑three.58% $6.65M XMR $254.90 ↑7.83% $five.47M ETC $19.25 ↑6.29% $three.83M DASH $448.five ↑four.89% $2.46M REP $39.65 ↑1.38% $1.99M ZEC $280.four ↑eight.73% $1.7M USDT $1.00 →zero.00% $988,979 GNO $110.five ↑zero.09% $789,458 ICN $1.428 ↑12.four% $694,436 DOGE $zero.0058 ↑1.65% $293,547 Consult with the About segment on our weblog for more info concerning the Kraken Day-to-day Marketplace Record here. Like this: Like Loading…

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Don't Consider What You Learn About Quebec's Leader Scientist and Crypto

Don't Believe What You Read About Quebec's Chief Scientist and Crypto

— Most sensible nav —Blockchain 101– Bitcoin– – What’s Bitcoin?– – How Can I Purchase Bitcoin?– – How Does Bitcoin Mining Paintings?– – How Do Bitcoin Transactions Paintings?– – How Can I Promote Bitcoin?– Blockchain– – What’s Blockchain Era?– – How Does Blockchain Era Paintings?– – What Can a Blockchain Do?– – What’s a Disbursed Ledger?– – Why Use a Blockchain?– Ethereum– – What’s Ethereum?– – How Do I Use Ethereum?– – How Does Ethereum Paintings?– – What’s a Decentralized Software?– – How …

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bad-txns-nonstandard-inputs error after sendrawtransaction

1513800562 how does solving hashes and building blockchain help the human race 310x165 - bad-txns-nonstandard-inputs error after sendrawtransaction

I smashed my head over the desk seeking to ship uncooked transaction and each time get the similar error bad-txns-nonstandard-inputs. So, here’s what I do: Get unspent transactions bitcoin-cli listunspent [ ] Create uncooked transaction with tx_id and vout taken above bitcoin-cli createrawtransaction '[]' '' tx_id_as_hexstring = 02000000016affa8a874987f66be3ab4791b57042cbf0912088352ba0e3931b7b8b8f374c80100000000ffffffff01d0070000000000001976a9147c99343bb9cba8699e7f7b4f5552357e477dc76188ac00000000 Signal uncooked …

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